Tae Kwon Do helps adults improve themselves physcially and mentally. The Training at Elite Martial Arts involves the movement of the entire body and will keep your muscles toned and improve your stamina. A variety of kicking and punching techniques is learned as well as sparring techniques (to defend oneself), forms, and breaking boards using hand and foot maneuvers.

Besides keeping you physically fit, tae kwon do is most effective and powerful when used in self-defense. Rather than encouraging aggression, this form of martial arts helps each individual develop the self-confidence needed to defend oneself against a potential threat. Martial arts in not about fighting, but rather it is concerned with possessing the knowledge to defend oneself as well as developing respect for oneself and for others as well.

Adults and teenagers can train together. Teenagers will focus more on developing a sense of self as well as discipline. It is important to know how to respect yourself as well as authority figures, adults, and student's with a higher belt rank. Also, self-esteem and self-confidence are stressed since this is a significant time of development in one's life.

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Demo Team
Our demonstration team is composed of 10 - 12 members of Elite Martial Arts ranging in age from 7 - 18 and of various belt ranks (color belts to black belts.) The goal of this team is to perform demonstrations in front of various audiences. The training for this team encourages students to focus on specific techniques that they can master and therefore show to an audience. Also, students learn how to work together as a team - helping each other with different breaking techniques as well as performing basic kicking and punching skills as a team. This demonstration team requires a lot of concentration and determination but it also enhances the student's self-confidence. Being able to show other people one's ability as a martial artist will allow the student to gain a lot of self-confidence outside of the team practice - in school, at home, at other activities, etc. Elite Martial Arts, demonstration team is a very special group of people who are extremely dedicated to martial arts and becoming stronger people both mentally and physically. Please look for our team to perform at local events around the Naperville / Plainfield area as well as tournaments, belt testings, shopping malls, baseball games, and other interesting events!

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Sparring Team
Elite Martial Arts Sparring Team is a very special part of our program. It is designed to train student's in the highest form of Tae Kwon Do, which is sparring. Sparring involves full contact kicking and punching in order to determine the strength and accuracy of students' skills. Students are fully protected with head gear, a chest protector, arm and shin guards, mouthpieces, etc. so that they are not injured. The goal of tae kwon do sparring is not fighting - but learning how to use your skills against your opponent in the best possible way. It is a recognized Olympic Sport and in order for a competitor to win, he or she must score points by hitting their opponent in designated locations on the body. Whoever scores the most legal points wins the competition.

Master Seo is very proud and honored to teach his students more detailed sparring skills since this is his background. The majority of his tae kwon do training was spent on his school's sparring team, therefore he has an impressive background to teach this sport. The training is intense, but if students have the desire to learn more and improve their sparring skills, they will accept the training and therefore become better sparring competitors. Being on the Sparring Team is the first step towards the goal of being in the Olympics. While it takes many years of training, it is possible to make it to the Olympics in sparring, if this is the goal of the student. The best way to make that goal is to train hard, participate in tournaments, and enjoy tae kwon do.

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